Perfume that Smells like Soap in 2022

Are you into perfumes that smell like soap? Are you still searching for the popular perfumes that smell like soap?

In this article, we will provide you with the complete insight for the best perfumes that smells more like soaps.

Soapy perfumes have got incredible fragrances that are clean and safe at the same time.

Because of their softness, they allow the wearer to smell great without offending others around him or her.

Best Perfumes that Smell like Soap 2022:

Here is the list of top perfumes that smell like soap:

Name of the Perfume Ratings Price
AMOUAGE Dia Women parfum  10 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
Thierry Mugler Mugler Cologne 9 Check Price
Love by Chloe  8.5 Check Price
Philosophy Pure Grace 8 Check Price
Prada L'Homme 7.5 Check Price
Chloe New By Chloe 7 Check Price

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1. AMOUAGE Dia Women parfum:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It is a luxury and enchanting perfume for elegant ladies
  • A very long-lasting
  • A pure soapy perfume
  • A well-projected fragrance

Pros Cons
✅Fresh and floral ❌Initially a bit strong
✅Clean and classy aroma ❌The price tag is high
✅Soft and bold perfume ❌No other cons are available

2. Thierry Mugler Mugler Cologne:

Why we love this perfume:

  • Incredibly clean fragrance
  • It gives an immediate soapy effect, which remains throughout the cologne
  • Brave and bold aroma
  • A unisex cologne

Pros Cons
✅A fresh and sensual fragrance ❌Sharp citrus notes
✅Versatile and unique aroma ❌Not suitable for the winter season
✅Easy on the pocket

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3. Love by Chloe:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It has a soft, clean, and powdery profile
  • It comes in an eye-catching bottle that we all love
  • It is super feminine and glamourous
  • A true masterpiece

Pros Cons
✅The smell is gorgeous and sweeter ❌Maybe a bit sharp for some women
✅Very long-lasting perfume ❌Heavy floral notes
✅It is a signature and modern classics perfume
✅Fresh clean scent perfume

4. Philosophy Pure Grace:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It has a clean and inoffensive perfume
  • It is pretty safe for every woman
  • The fragrance is pleasant and fresh
  • It is an uplifting and elevating fragrance

Pros Cons
✅All the notes are well-blended ❌A bit unisex smell
✅It is a super fresh fragrance
✅The price tag is moderate
✅Fragrances that smell like soap

5. Prada L’Homme:

Why we love this perfume:

  • A true masterpiece
  • It is very powdery and soapy
  • It is freshly floral and seductive
  • A men’s cologne that smells like soap

Pros Cons
✅It is a luxurious smell for men ❌It contains strong iris notes
✅It is a fresh and clean perfume

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6. Chloe New By Chloe:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It is a very floral and rosy perfume
  • It is a versatile fragrance
  • A pure feminine aroma
  • Fragrances that smell like soap

Pros Cons
✅It has a lovely and fresh aroma ❌Maybe few women don't like heavy floral perfume
✅A bright and classy
✅It is gentle and harmless

Buying Guide:

Selecting a perfect fragrance that holds the true essence of your personality is not an easy task. You search every outlet, applying almost all of the perfumes that they have to arrive at the point to pick which is the best option that suits you. Here are a few points that might help you out in search of the premium perfumes that smell like soap. Sometimes questions come in your mind that what is the cleanest smelling perfume? Here in this buying guide, we provide you with the answers.

Oil Content:

The oil content shows the longevity of the perfumes. If the perfume that you have selected has more oil contents in it, then it is the perfect case that the perfume you are about to purchase has the most extended longevity, and it will stay with you for the rest of the day.

Price tag:

Always consider the price tag that is attached to the perfume that you are about to purchase. This is very beneficial as you may come up with the solution that whether the perfume is worth the price that you are about to pay or the price is overwhelmed by the name of the product.

The popularity:

The popularity of perfume counts a lot when it comes to purchasing the perfume that you are about to select or finalize for the payment. Most of the famous brands or perfumes stand for what they say because of the reputation that would be put on the line if they miss state something.

Buy original:

The last but not the least is the point that you should always go for the authentic product and services. So that if there is any issue afterward, you may be able to claim that product without having any fears that you are about to lose your money.


Top perfumes that smell like soap are known to have the best characteristic when compared to other fantastic fragrances.

They are clean, with a fresh aroma that turns on the switch for versatility. These fragrances are great to be worn in the day time and casual wear fragrances.

Furthermore, these fragrances, on the other hand, are termed to be the premium fragrances for official purposes as well. They are the perfect blend for the summer season when the temperature is all times high, and these fragrances keep you aromatic and fresh at the same time. In the last, these clean and fresh perfumes add a class to your style, personality, and especially your surroundings.


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