Perfume that Smells like Chocolate in 2022 [And Vanilla]

Who doesn’t like chocolate? At every age, chocolates are the favorite sweetener and honestly, the aroma of chocolate is quite tempting and sexy.

The best thing about chocolate scent is not always, actually, the chocolate note is used in it, instead, some fragrances notes can be mixed to create a chocolate scent. It can be a bit bitter and sometimes spicy. However, it is always balanced with a sweet smell.

Is this a good idea to have chocolate perfume?

Chocolate fragrances are fancy to your perfume line. Yes!  They do smell great and fantastic and keep you stand out in the crowd without being too empowering but in my opinion, it’s a luxury but not a necessity. But they definitely have a uniqueness In their notes and scent which gives you a fresh look and it is worth trying obviously. Take a look at our list above and choose your fragrance according to your personality and choice.

Best Perfume that Smells like Chocolates 2022:

This is the list of top perfumes that smell like chocolates:

Products Rating Price
Black XS for Her 10 [Editor's Choice] Check Price
Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for women 8 Check Price
Montale Chocolate Greedy 7 Check Price
Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens for men 9 Check Price
Vera Wang Princess for her 9 Check Price
Christian Dior Homme Intense 8.5 Check Price
Missoni Perfume for her 8.5 Check Price

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1. Black XS for Her:

Why we love it:

  • strong masculine smell.
  • no too spicy yet seductive.
  • Have striking writing and fancy packaging

Pros Cons
✅Suitable for the romantic date or romantic evenings. ❌Not suitable for casual wear or formal office wear
✅Empowering ❌It has longevity issues as it is not long-lasting.

Black xs Picco Rabbani for her was designed in 2007. It is no one on our list as its strong masculine smell is for strong empowered women. This scent starts with a fruity texture and then suddenly turns into tamarind, peppercorn, and cranberry. As chocolate always gives you a strong scent that could be strong for your senses that’s why it is mixed with sweet and fruit texture note that works perfectly with rose, also violet, and cocoa.

This fragrance is exotic and tempting with a hint of chocolate scent and you would wear it when you want to have a touch of chocolate but not that much. This fragrance will spoil you at every inch.

You can also get the Black XS for Her Here

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2. Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for women:

Why we love it:

  • Has a fun smell
  • Designer fascinated fragrance

Pros Cons
✅You can wear it in evening parties especially in fall ❌It's not suitable for day wear
✅Have a crispy and fresh scent ❌It's not long-lasting so you may need touch-ups.

Our next scent is from the famous designer line Hugo boss and the name is the scent of private accord for her. It was designed and released in 2018 by Louis turner. It is recent this line edition that is inspired by chocolate and you know what it means? Yes, it means, it’s not out of fashion, and selecting is keeping yourself in the fashion line. This perfume base note has cocoa and coffee.  And I know you are thinking of it as a bitter scent but it has a fruity scent of mandarin and it balances out all the bitterness of coffee and also gives a fun and light boost.

You can also get the Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for women Here

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3. Montale Chocolate Greedy:

Why we love it:

  • It has the true essence of chocolate.
  • You can wear it anywhere
  • Have fragrance of coffee with vanilla.

Pros Cons
✅You can use it on cold winter nights. ❌It is not suitable for summers.
✅It works great in a casual way, either its day or night. ❌Can wear formally but in limited use only.

Montale chocolate would give you a sweet ride of chocolate scent. Its base notes start with a warm chocolate scent and then suddenly it is enhanced by cookies like smell. These two make a great, warm feeling sent that will send you off in chocolate mania. But it doesn’t end up here, as the vanilla scent is added to give it a fresh and creamy boost, however,  after drying down it gives a strong smell of coffee, this quality makes it a true gourmand. If you want to know about its basic notes then it constitutes vanilla, coffee, bitter orange, cocoas, dried fruits, and tonka beans. You can easily wear it anywhere either winter or summer but in our opinion, it would be a little off or a bit overwhelming in summer. During winter it would be cozy to wear this fragrance.

You can also get the Montale Chocolate Greedy Here

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4. Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens for men:

Why we love it:

  • Best fragrance for men
  • Not very feminine and deep for men

Pros Cons
✅Perfect for winters when the sauciest touch is most demanding. ❌It is not that much suitable for summers
✅Also suitable for daytime office wear. ❌The packaging is not that attractive.

Do you think women are the only chocolate lover? Men fond it seductive and alluring too. Santal majuscule serge luten is the best fragrance for women and is less feminine than women’s perfume as it is more woody, deep, and spicy. It is kind of a complex note as it is made of different with a swirl of chocolate and coffee yet there is a scent of freshness, sweetness, and fruitiness. As it is a men’s perfume so its notes of chocolate cocoa, sandalwood, and damask rose to blend together to give it a less fruity smell with a strong effect.

But maybe we have given you offa the wrong impression that it is only masculine, some women also like such deep scent and chocolate tone without being too extra. Even its packaging is unique and simple. It gives off a hint of chocolate tone, as chocolate color perfume can be seen in its simple glass bottle.

You can also get the Santal Majuscule Serge Lutens for men Here

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5. Vera Wang Princess for her:

Why we love it:

  • Have princess charm in its fragrance.
  • Woody aroma with deep sweet makes it light and comfortable.

Pros Cons
✅Its silage is not exaggerated ❌You have to touch up after a few hours.
✅Have moderate longevity of 8 hours. ❌It would be too feminine.

These perfumes do give a princess touch in this small bottle. Well! If we are totally honest with you guys then it’s not particular scent of chocolate rather a more floral-oriented scent. However, it contains chocolate as its one of several notes. If you want to know about its base notes then it is made up of vanilla, cocoa, and fruity notes that blend together to deliver a craziness deriving scent. Apricot, mandarine, the water lily is its opening top notes which makes it an irresistible fragrance when someone reaches its heart note. All these perfect blending and choice of notes make it too good as you want to eat it.

You can also get the Vera Wang Princess for her Here

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6. Christian Dior Homme Intense:

Why we love it:

  • It has lavender and iris fresh tones.
  • It is suitable for every day.

Pros Cons
✅You can wear them on winters and summers. ❌Its longevity is not good.
✅Also suitable for casual ❌Might be a bit flowery.

This fragrance has a sweet and soft touch in its notes, it starts with an iris note a then lavender scent blends. Then after reaching its base note, you would smell a chocolate note and upon drying it would give you a creamy touch but the freshness of the start note will be there. Its overall base notes are lavender, iris, cocoa, ambrette, vetiver, and pear. You can wear this scent anywhere in the office or for romantic date evenings. You can also wear it on long dark winter nights where a heavy smell can be an advantage. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.

You can also get the Christian Dior Homme Intense Here

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7. Missoni Perfume for her:

Why we love it:

  • Most selling cocoa perfume
  • Made of several unique notes

Pros Cons
✅Its longevity is good of about 8 to 12 hours. ❌It is not suitable for summertime.
✅Its aroma is deep and has a crisp freshness in it. ❌It can not be wear on funky parties

Its notes are quite complex and a lot. While talking about its starting note bitter orange, bergamot and mandarine give it a citrus effect while its middle notes are magnolia, pony. But if you getting confused that this fragrance is all very tidy and citrusy then behold as its base notes as you can call them heart notes are amber and chocolate. The blending of all these sents would definitely step up your game and will slip all boys in your pocket.

It’s not very creamy instead gives you a fresh smell that is not that overwhelming and is an exotic charming scent.

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