10 Best YSL Perfumes For Women in 2022【Top Picks】

Yves Saint Laurent has been a huge name in the fashion industry. The entire company has been hugely influential since the late 1960s providing ready-made fashion wear. To accompany those legendary designs, they also have a line of YSL women’s and men’s perfumes.

These YSL fragrances are iconic and have been the best seller throughout. Today we’ll be discussing a few of the most iconic YSL women’s fragrances throughout the years.

How to know YSL ladies perfume is original? 

Make sure you see every review before spending a couple of dollars on a single bottle. The best way to get a branded perfume is to go to the store’s outlet and see the box in tea life and purchase it from an authentic dealership.

  • If you have experience with the perfume, make sure you check with testers to ensure you’re getting the original one.
  • The real ones would not be cheaper than the actual marketed price.
  • Make sure you have a good and original box that comes along with the product.
  • Do not trust an online seller with no return policies.
  • Make sure that everything checks out before processing the payment.

Best YSL Perfumes 2022:

Here is the list of top YSL Perfumes:

Perfumes Rating
Mon Paris YSL Perfume 10 [Editors Choice]
Black opium YSL Perfume 8
Manifesto YSL Perfume 8
ParisYSL Perfume 9
Black opium Nuit YSL Perfume  8.5
OpiumYSL Perfume 7
Elle YSL Perfume 8
CinemaYSL Perfume 8
Splendid wood YSL Perfume 7
Rive GaucheYSL Perfume  7

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1. Mon Paris YSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • Fruity and delicious smells for a young soul.
  • The perfume itself looks beautiful and has a beautiful color.
  • The perfume does not dull the senses in the summer but rather accentuates it.
Pros Cons
✅The summer days are made fresher with this YSL scent.  ❌Some people dislike the combination of fruits and woody smells on a summer day.
✅The fragrance lasts a long time and has delicious ending notes.

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2. Black opium YSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • An awarded fragrance by Allure in 2015.
  • The scent is a classic and has been a definite success through the years.
  • A natural and subtle scent that is great for all seasons.
Pros Cons
✅It’s good for every occasion. ❌Please be aware of fake sales.
✅Can be worn on casual outing days as well. ❌If your natural skin isn’t very responsive to the smell, it may not stick around for very long and may not even sit well after application.
✅If your natural skin mixes well with the perfume, it's sure to be a beautiful combination.

3. Manifesto YSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • This product has been selling well since it was released.
  • It’s a woody smell which some may prefer to wear throughout the year and just in winter or summers respectively.
  • A great scent for romantic evenings.
Pros Cons
✅A woody smell which can be grown to be liked by the user. ❌The scent may not suit young women since it is a little dense.
✅The reviews are great, and everyone loves the smell.

4. ParisYSL Perfume

Why do we like this product?

  • A widely used and lived perfume.
  • A very young fragrance which is great and used by both old and young women.
  • One of the best Yves Saint Laurent perfume.
  • Good for both young and old women.
Pros Cons
✅A light fragrance which works great in summers. ❌Gets a little tiring after long usage.
✅The smell is light and has a lasting effect.
✅Very good for casual use.

5. Black opium Nuit YSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • A re-edition of the classic black opium stated the best fragrance by Allure in 2015.
  • Keeps the classic feel of the previous black opium.
  • An addictive smell for anyone who wishes to wear it.
Pros Cons
✅One of the best YSL perfumes for her. ❌Beware of fraudulent selling.
✅A great addition to any women’s collection. ❌Some women don’t like the smells, which are a little bolder and piercing.
✅Has a bold and piercing smell.

6. OpiumYSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • A classic smell that lasts all day long.
  • Certainly worth the price.
  • A beautiful traditional YSL scent.
  • A classic scent
Pros Cons
✅A changed formula but still has the great opium vibe. ❌Some women don’t like the new scent, but this is strong and lasts a while.
✅The bottle remains a classic icon.
✅A touch of red makes the outlook beautiful.

7. Elle YSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • A young summery scent great for all women.
  • The composition is modern and beautiful.
  • A very fresh breeze which can grow to be loved.
Pros Cons
✅A great quality product. ❌A younger and summery fragrance that is not suggested for winter use.
✅Made in France with a depicted romantic feel.
✅The bottle looks rather eccentric and unique.

8. CinemaYSL Perfume

Why do we like this product?

  • A flirty perfume that lasts a long time.
  • Beautiful wear for any woman who likes floral and mild undertones.
  • Long-wear as us a good investment.
Pros Cons
✅A good investment. ❌Considering the scent, it would be better winter wear than summer.
✅The bottle is beautiful and worth trying.
✅Great scent, which is sure to accumulate compliments.

9. Splendid wood YSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • This is a Unisex perfume.
  • One of the perfect YSL perfumes inspired by wood.
  • Each note is distinctive and beautiful in its own way.
Pros Cons
✅It’s unisex and can be gifted to both women and men. ❌Some people may generally dislike the woody, earthy notes.
✅Compliments bold summer days.
✅Great for nightwear.

10. Rive GaucheYSL Perfume

Why do we like this product? 

  • A classic from the old times of 1971
  • Has been a great YSL ladies perfume.
  • Compliment all women and gives a very delicate yet strong sense.
Pros Cons
✅It’s a classic, and no one goes wrong with a classic. ❌Is a recommended wear of daytime rather than night.
✅A beautiful mixture of feminine and delicate. ❌No return policy.
✅Is not overpowering.


Durable YSL perfume for her is best for ages, and YSL is always advertising better fragrances that every woman can enjoy. The list consists of the classy YSL perfumes according to our preferences. Search up a few more fragrances that you might like and go for the buy; no matter what happens, it’s sure to be liked by the public, and you can always thrive off compliments and make the purchase worth it.


Does YSL ship outside of the USA? 

The company does not actually ship outside of the USA, but many sellers on Amazon do send these out to other counties. Still, the chances of getting a fake perfume are high, and these perfumes always have very high shipping.

What scent might go well with my skin? 

These matching and complimentary skins are dependent on the person. These are great fragrances that can be paired with both dry and oily skin. Still, floral and woody scents go great with dry skin, and it’s always better to apply your scents on your clothes rather than directly on the skin, considering the amount of alcohol used in these perfumes.


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