12 Best Lancôme Perfumes for 2022 [Top Fragrances Reviewed]

 The French perfumes are famous because of the alluring sensation and the softness. 

The Lancôme perfumes are one of the fantastic perfume collections among all French brands. The fragrance’s soft and spicy aroma is matchless, and you will feel wonderful by wearing the Lancôme perfumes, whether for casual use or on any important event.

Lancôme has a special place in the fragrance industry, and its perfumes are being used for the ultimate joy and pleasure.

The scent is mesmerizing to serve users with optimistic and beautiful thoughts.

The inner feelings and emotions can be explained without speaking by spraying the best Lancôme fragrance.

Thing To consider before buying 

Genuineness and cost: Whenever you plan to purchase a perfume, always go for some reliable shops or authentic retailers. The unique scents have powerful smells and a seductive attraction that enlightens the personalities. Buying from the original dealer saves you money and makes you feel secure while purchasing your favorite scent.

Spray: Whenever you purchase any perfume, always try its tester. You can try two puffs of that perfume and you can easily smell it. One of the pro tips which you should always keep in mind is always trying a perfume on your pulse point. As this is the only place which moves a lot. In case you spray it on your outfit it can leave stains on it. Never try it on your hair as it can make your hair gray. Always try it on your palm, wrist, or pulse area to check. 

Safe for skin: This is one of the biggest and valid concerns of everyone. Are all perfumes safe for your skin? No, not all perfumes are suitable. As every product is composed of different types of oils and ingredients and no one knows who is allergic to which product. Free fragrances have strong scents which may cause irritation on your skin. Always opt for those perfumes which have skin-friendly ingredients and are suitable for your skin. 

Best Lancome Perfume 2022:

Here is the list of top Lancome Perfume:

Perfumes Rating Price
LancomeIdole Women 10 [Editors Choice] Check Price
Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum 8 Check Price
Lancome Miracle Eau de Parfum Spray 8 Check Price
Poeme Perfume by Lancome 9 Check Price
TRESOR by LancomeEau De Parfum 8.5 Check Price
Hypnose by Lancome 7 Check Price
La Nuit Tresor by Läncóme 8 Check Price
Lancome O de LancomeEau de Toilette 8 Check Price
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette 6.5 Check Price
CUIR DE LANCOME by Lancome 7 Check Price
Magnifique By Lancome For Women 7.5 Check Price
Lancome Connexion Eau De Toilette Spray 8 Check Price

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1. LancomeIdole Women

Why we love it?

  • The perfume is the real essence of rose and jasmine.
  • The product has a beautiful and mesmerizing scent.
  • The size is ideal, and the packing is attractive to buy
  • The perfume is purely for confident women.

Pros Cons
✅The perfume is original and lovely. ❌Perfume may be expensive for some people.
✅You can use it for casual wear and parties as well.
✅The quantity is sufficient to sue for maximum time.
✅Its aroma is so strong and tempting.

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2. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Parfum

Why we love it?

  • The perfume was launched in 2012 and made its place quickly because of its quality.
  • The product is flowery with a blend of gourmand.
  • The perfume is ideal to feel the depth and hidden emotions.
  • The packing is beautiful and its light-weight

Pros Cons
✅The product is made to empower the beautiful women around. ❌This scent is only for women.
✅The perfect aroma to feel liveliness and happiness
✅You will spread joy and happiness.
✅The product is best for daily wear.

3. Lancome Miracle Eau de Parfum Spray

Why we love it?

  • The perfume has spicy and floral touches of jasmine and amber.
  • The product was launched in 2001 and is the best-seller Lancôme perfume up till now.
  • Its original and is made to empower confident women.
  • The packing is beautiful, and the bottle is eye-catchy.

Pros Cons
✅Best gift to your wife and girlfriend ❌The bottle may break while shipping.
✅The perfume can last for a longer time.
✅Because of its aroma, soon, it will become your favorite scent.
✅The price is affordable to users.

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4. Poeme Perfume by Lancome

Why we love it?

  • The perfume was launched in 1996 and is still the great Lancôme perfume.
  • Its packing is adorable, and the bottle is light-weight
  • The blend of vanilla and rose is ideal for flowery and sweet sensations.
  • The perfect perfume for the loveable people

Pros Cons
✅You can use the perfume to inspire the people around you. ❌If you have redness on your skin, then avoid using the perfume.
✅Its specific smell can be your signature scent.
✅Powerful sweet and spicy touch
✅Its aroma is intense, and the allure is so natural.

5. TRESOR by LancomeEau De Parfum

Why we love it?

  • The perfume has a flowery and fruity blend
  • The product is best-selling up till now
  • The beautiful bottle with the perfect aroma

Pros Cons
✅The product is ideal for gifting your loved ones ❌N/A
✅You can express your love and joy while using this perfume
✅Its aroma is long-lasting with the best allure
✅The product is best for evening and day time

6. Hypnose by Lancome

Why we love it?

  • The perfume is original and was launched in 2005
  • The bottle is amazing, with excellent Levander liquid inside.
  • It has vanilla, orchid, vetiver, and jasmine with some beautiful flavors.
  • Can last for longer time

Pros Cons
✅It's the blend of sweet, warm, and floral scents. ❌Buy the perfume from an authorized dealer.
✅You can wear it casually to impress your loved ones.
✅The perfume is the bestselling Lancôme product
✅It's still on priority as compared to the Lancôme latest perfume

7. La Nuit Tresor by Läncóme

Why we love it?

  • The perfume is one of the most popular Lancôme perfumes.
  • The upgraded version with a more authentic aroma
  • The sweet and citrus touch with the woody sensation
  • The eye-catchy bottle with adequate quantity

Pros Cons
✅You would feel love and the life around you. ❌Never spray the perfume on your hairs and eyes.
✅The people will impress by your floral and fruity personality.
✅The ideal product for the strong and pure people
✅Will provide the perfect lively sensations.

8. Lancome O de LancomeEau de Toilette

Why we love it?

  • Has soft sweet, woody, and floral touches
  • Best for day time use
  • Ideal for pure soul
  • Packing is attractive with the “O” trademark

Pros Cons
✅The orange and lemon in top notes provide the citrus and sweet aroma. ❌Check the authenticity of perfume before buying.
✅The perfect choice for the lovely women
✅The scent provides real happiness and optimism around.
✅The best product among all Lancôme perfume

9. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette

Why we love it?

  • The scent is soft and classy for brave women.
  • The flowery and sweet fragrance for the lovely people
  • It can be your signature smell because of its authentic and original aroma.

Pros Cons
✅The best quality perfume that you could buy for your love ❌Check the size of the bottle before purchasing online.
✅The perfume will enhance the love and positivity around.
✅It will create a magical atmosphere.
✅The packing is beautiful, with a clear liquid inside.

10. CUIR DE LANCOME by Lancome

Why we love it?

  • The perfume is 100 % original and authentic.
  • It’s a blend of sweet and flowery scents.
  • The perfect choice for romantic women
  • The product can last for a longer time.

Pros Cons
✅You can use the perfume before going for a romantic dinner. ❌Never spray the product near the fire.
✅Its aroma will mesmerize the people around you.
✅The perfect perfume for the lovely people
✅You can buy this amazing Lancôme perfume to please yourself.

11.  Magnifique By Lancome For Women

Why we love it?

  • The perfume is original with the essence of natural products.
  • The flowery and sweet blend is perfect for day wear.
  • Your perfume will enhance your personality.
  • The bottle is beautiful with a suitable quantity.

Pros Cons
✅The product is the good comeback of money. ❌The perfume bottle may break while shipping.
✅It would help you to define your personality.
✅You can make your special place because of this signature scent.
✅The perfect perfume for enhancing the beauty

12. Lancome Connexion Eau De Toilette Spray

Why we love it?

  • Its notes are flowery and citrus.
  • The bottle is beautiful with a lilac color.
  • The quantity is adequate for long-lasting allure.

Pros Cons
✅You can use the perfume for day and nighttime. ❌The perfume is only for ladies.
✅Its aroma is so tempting that you can impress many people.
✅The product is ideal for date night.
✅The beauty and class are combined in this perfume bottle.


The designer scents are not good at aromas but deliver the best result to empower the personality. The house of Lancôme has some fantastic and impressive perfume range for you. You can choose the amazing Lancôme perfume from a long list of amazing products. The perfumes will give you a lively experience with love and positivity. Thus, enjoy your life and cherish the memories by buying the scent from this list.

Buyer’s guide:

Whenever you want to buy perfume, you have to explore its qualitative features to get the ideal product for your day and evening time. The perfume reflects the personality, and it’s essential to buy one with care and attention. The Lancôme is an authorized brand and delivers the original taste of perfumes with some floral and soft touch. Its quality is amazing, with excellent notes in the composition. Thus, you must watch for some other things when buying any perfume. Let me explain to you more. Before purchasing any perfume you need to look into its ingredients to choose the best product for your day and evening needs. So, while purchasing any perfume, you should keep an eye out for a few additional things which I have explained below in the buying guide.

Composition and quantity

If you are a woman then, perfume should be soft, floral, and sweet. It will be long-lasting and would help you in representing your personality in a better way. You can express your love because of its original and pure sensations.

Lancôme perfumes are famous for delivering beauty and empower women. Thus, we have listed the suitable options for you to get the love of your life.

The quantity is suitable for every bottle, and you can buy without worrying about the bottle’s size.


When you want to buy any perfume, then you should buy from an authorized dealer. The original perfumes have strong aromas and mesmerizing allure to enlighten the personalities. Buying from the original dealer is a good comeback of money, and you would feel comfortable buying your favorite perfume.

The price would be best if you buy the perfume with deal packages. Otherwise, its aroma is so strong that you can use it for a longer period.

Tips for applying perfume: 

Here are a few tips which are quite beneficial and will make you learn how you can apply perfumes. 

  1. Always try to apply perfume when you have taken a bath or you are going somewhere. Don’t apply when you are all sweaty. As it will mix both the odours and it will be quite unpleasant for you and others. 
  2. Once you have applied two to three puffs of your perfume, wait for a couple of minutes to settle. As few perfumes take time to absorb. Don’t rush and start puffing two to three more drops. 

Few mistakes people do before purchasing perfume: 

There are few common mistakes that are done by people during the purchase of perfume. Here are a few of them. 

  1. Whenever you puff perfume on your wrist, wait for at least 30 seconds so alcohol evaporates. People always rush to smell it which can be very dangerous for them. People who are asthmatic can face a lot of difficulty in breathing
  2. People usually try multiple perfumes at one time. You should always wait for 3 to 5 minutes after trying a new scent. If you keep trying one after another you will simply smell the same fragrance in all perfumes.

Why Lancôme perfumes are so dominating?

This French perfume brand was launched in 1935 to serve the users with the latest and hypnotic aromas.

The quality of the perfumes is perfect to last for a longer time.

The initial 5 launches hit the market with non-stoppable profit, and the brand is introducing more beautiful and soft scents for the people.

The composition is floral and soft to create a beautiful atmosphere around. The powdery and feminine touch in every product would let you buy the perfume without testing.

The name itself reveals the scent and Lancôme perfume best seller’s composition considering this brand the most emerging perfume brand in history.

Some best Lancôme perfumes available in market

Buying the classy Lancôme perfume is not so complicated because of its soft and sweet sensations.

You can see a lot of Lancôme perfumes available in the market with variant aromas and alluring sense.

Thus, I have made things simple by providing a list of some great Lancôme scents for yourself. Let’s explore the features to buy the product.


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