14 Best Gucci Perfumes for Her with Lovely Fragrances 【Ranked 2022】

In addition to being one of the leading names in the fashion industry, the feminine scents are among the notable part of its specialties.

Currently, the brand has put out more than 80 perfumes for women and most of these remain high in demand. The accessory, clothing, and range of perfumes can be considered classic. The perfumes range from sensuous and sultry with sugary and sweet scents as well.

The perfume range is versatile and has gained a lot of appraisals as well!

Best Gucci Perfumes for Her 2022:

And if you are confused about which Gucci perfume smells the best: Check below:

Products Ratings Price
Gucci Premiere 10 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
Gucci Guilty 8 Check Price
Gucci Rush 9 Check Price
Gucci By Gucci 8 Check Price
Gucci Flora by Gucci 9 Check Price
Bamboo by Gucci, Perfume 9 Check Price
Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia for Women 8 Check Price
Gucci Bloom for Women 8.5 Check Price
Gucci Rush 2 7 Check Price
Gucci Guilty 7.5 Check Price
Gucci Envy Check Price
Gucci Bamboo 8 Check Price
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia 8 Check Price
Gucci Memoire D'une 8 Check Price

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1: Gucci Premiere by Gucci:

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Gucci Premiere  
Year of Launch 2012
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

The brand’s most-loved fragrance the Gucci Premiere has been the outcome of inspiration from the relentless Hollywood glow and has been featured through contemporary icon Blake Lively.

Best Gucci perfumes for her fragrance from Gucci would be like an invitation for everyone to just simply step on the red carpet. This is one of the amazing Gucci perfume for women

With Gucci Premiere the star within one gets glorified as well.

Whether someone is attending a movie premiere or one business meeting, all these moments are golden.

This is meant for women enjoying their authority and accomplishments as well.

For such success, women require something that is correspondingly exceptional and this is top Gucci Perfumes for Her 

Gucci Premiere feminine, seductive, and cool fashion dress.

The aroma gets opened up with vibrant and luxury aged champagne chords.

The fragrance is the ideal blend of sensuality and power, and this one is the most popular Gucci perfume

The aroma warmth is captivating with a delicate mix of creamy wood and leather, which would turn base notes to ideal charm.

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Gucci Premiere NOTES  
Top Notes Orange blossom, bergamot
Heart Notes Musk, white flowers
Base Notes Leather, wood

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2. Gucci Guilty intense:


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Gucci Guilty  
Year of Launch 2010
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

This is another fine smelling feminine fragrance from the collection of perfect Gucci perfumes for her.

The Guilty Eau from Gucci is among the new fragrances from the house of Gucci Guilty series and the newest Gucci perfume for women. The scent is a playful and ultra-light fragrance version with fruity and floral notes. The Guilty Eau is meant for the elegant, energetic, and charming woman. Frida Giannini, creative director of the Fashion House, Gucci describes it: Our consideration is sensual, fashionable, seductive, and best smelling Gucci perfume This remains ahead and all men won’t be able to resist her easily. 

This is available in art deco styles from the golden bottle and is available with a chic black box. The intertwined double G logo would be perfect and distinctive for a double G product name. These old Gucci perfume fragrances are blended through sweet lychee, strawberry, the lilac heart, floral notes, and musk undertone. The scent gets described as sultry and it is 2.5 ounces, cool but simple.

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Gucci Guilty NOTES  
Top Notes Lychees, ocean notes
Heart Notes Wild strawberries, lilies
Base Notes Musk

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3. Gucci Rush:

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Gucci Rush  
Year of Launch 1999
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

The scent can be easily noted by people around and it is quite stunning. This draws attention to attracts physically and powerfully. This is named after a rush that was used for stimulant drugs popular in America during the 1980s.

The women’s bright red fragrance Rush from Gucci comes with a uniquely designed bottle resembling a videotape.

The aroma consists of rich exotic flavor scents.

At the very first sight, the gardenia scent with freesia gets enveloped, following the jasmine scent, turquoise roses with coriander, patchouli, and also vanilla with scented gold anemone that covers other scents.

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Gucci Rush NOTES  
Top Notes Freesia, gardenia
Heart Notes Jasmine, coriander, rose
Base Notes Golden scented, patchouli, vanilla

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4. Gucci by Gucci:

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Gucci by Gucci  
Year of Launch 2007
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

The scent incorporates a timeless charm with the legendary heritage. This lavish perfume presents her femininity as the present.

The vial decor has been characterized through the charming antiquity (color of chocolate, with geese and golden letters). The scentâ aroma can be classified as expressive and rich.

The perfect Gucci perfumes were designed for marking the industry leaders’ 85th anniversary. The expressive flowers, chypre, and fruits express lustful and strong women of the current day with the desire for getting charmed with a feminine touch. And this one is perfect Gucci Perfumes for Her 

At first, you notice a strong scent of raspberry, pear, guava, and spreads of chamomile.

The following aroma is emitted of lily of valley, hawthorn bitter lemon oil.

Also, we feel patchouli, honey, and musk.

You can also get the Gucci by Gucci Here

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Gucci by Gucci NOTES  
Top Notes Guava
Heart Notes Haitian gardenia
Base Notes Are musk, patchouli, honey

5. Gucci Flora by Gucci:

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Gucci Flora by Gucci  
Year of Launch 2013
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

The perfume got inspired by Flora patterns from the fashion house of Gucci. The very first headscarf that got printed on the pattern got specifically designed for Princess Grace of Monaco during 1966 and later on turned quickly as a renowned symbol of the brand.

The fragrance is exquisitely feminine and evokes strong lust with lots of contrasts. The overall aroma composition is based on rose smell.

With the peony fragrance and the notes of refreshing citrus, you convey lustful youthfulness with finally with a strong sandalwood smell with patchouli being GUCCI’s hallmark.

You can also get the Gucci Flora by Gucci Here

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Gucci Flora by Gucci NOTES  
Top Notes Tangerine, Citrus, and Peony
Heart Notes Sandalwood, Red pepper
Base Notes Rose and Other scented flowers

6. Bamboo by Gucci, Perfume:

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Bamboo by Gucci, Perfume  
Year of Launch 2015
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

Light grey and pink box, with the signature G logo done with bamboo, is a perfect complement for the exquisite grey and pink perfume within.

The bottle would be faceted similarly to a fine diamond, and this would quite beautiful. This has 2.5 ounces of perfume with different orange and blossom notes with Italian bergamot, amber, Tahitian vanilla, Casablanca lily, with sandalwood. Gucci also launched this fragrance. The popular favorite brand awaits purchase.

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Bamboo by Gucci, Perfume NOTES  
Top Notes Bergamot
Heart Notes Ylang-ylang extra-Comoros
Base Notes Sandalwood

7. Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia for Women:

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Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia  
Year of Launch 2012
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

This is among the best parts of the Gucci Flora collection, the Eau de Toilette is available in a white and lovely green bottle with a coordinating box.

This has 3.4 fragrance ounces with magnolia and peony heart notes with light top freesia top notes. A lot of women would adore such scent but a cautious thing to note is that it would lose the freshness with passing time.

With this, the initial lovely magnolia would get lost and according to some, the fragrance would gain heaviness over time.

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Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia NOTES  
Top Notes Herbal green and freesia
Heart Notes Magnolia and peony
Base Notes Sandalwood, warm chocolate accord, and musk


8. Gucci Bloom for Women:

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Gucci Bloom for Women  
Year of Launch 2017



It is a rich, courageous floral scent that takes you in a garden full of hope and beautiful flowers. It unfolds exactly like its name and makes you bloom. It is one of the best Gucci perfumes for her and makes the perfect gift. 


The blend of tuberose and jasmine leaves you smelling like a bouquet of abundance. This fragrance is a perfect representation of women; rich, playful, strong, beautiful, and wild. It takes you to a fantasy land that has never existed but is there. It smells like the spirit of a woman, a fearless woman.

It perfectly complements that stunner style of yours. It is a perfect pick for all seasons and outfits. As floral smells never go out of style and always make a powerful impact, Bloom deserves the hype it gets. It is very popular among all the celebrities and they all recommend it.

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Gucci Bloom for Women NOTES  
Top Notes Tuberose
Heart Notes Jasmine
Base Notes Honeysuckle

9. Gucci Rush 2:

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Gucci Rush 2  
Year of Launch 2001
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

This is not just a perfume but a celebration of womanhood. A celebration of diverse women. A celebration of glamour, vitality, eternal grace, and Gucci fragrances for her.

This perfume smells like divinity. The bottle is simple but sleek. 

A vintage pinkish porcelain bottle with a quaint feel. Rush 2 conveys the perfect message that women don’t need any ornaments to look beautiful. It is an ideal choice for every woman out there who wants to live it up.

Its floral smell makes it perfect for all occasions. The Rush 2 is definitely one of the best Gucci perfumes for her and also one of the best smelling Gucci perfume.

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Gucci Rush 2 NOTES  
Top Notes Freesia rose
Heart Notes Lily, gardenia, palm tree
Base Notes Musk, black currant, oakmoss

10. Gucci Gucci Guilty:

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Gucci Guilty  
Year of Launch 2010
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

The reason we love this perfume is it makes you feel the strength of womanhood. It treats you exactly how you are meant to be treated. It makes you get in touch with your feminine side and relish it.


This scent is from house Gucci which gives it its perfection. Gucci lives up to its name with this authentic smell. The Gucci guilty perhaps the top Gucci perfumes for her

This scent is like a touch of love as it stays with you. It makes you bloom like a flower in all its youth and beauty.

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Gucci Guilty NOTES  
Top Notes Pink pepper, bergamot, mandarin orange
Heart Notes Lilac, geranium, rose, violet
Base Notes

Amber, patchouli

11. Gucci Envy:

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Gucci Envy  
Year of Launch 1997
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

It is a must addition to your perfume collection because it makes a lasting impression.

It will make your day filled with compliments as it is a mood lifter. Wearing this scent is like wearing beauty and exuberance.

This scent is a journey of eternal vigor. If you want to make a perfect statement then you must buy it. It is worth its price and has very good longevity.

If all these qualities are not reasoned enough for you to buy this fragrance then you gotta try it yourself.

No one can reject it once they have smelled it as it is one of the great Gucci Perfumes for her and also one of the best smelling Gucci perfume.

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Gucci Envy NOTES  
Top Notes Pineapple, freesia, peach, magnolia, bergamot
Heart Notes Iris, violet, jasmine, lily of the valley
Base Notes Sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, cedar, and jasmine

12. Gucci Bamboo:

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Gucci Envy  
Year of Launch 2015
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

Bamboo is another exquisite and premium perfume from Gucci.

The perfume is made to represent confidence and elegance at the same time. the fruity and flowery smell come together perfectly and do a great job showcasing the mastery of Gucci in the perfume industry.

The perfume lasts fairly long and leaves with a beautiful basal note scent that keeps people wanting more.

The style of the bottle represents the message that Gucci is trying to portray in a rather elegant fashion. the brushed silver cap to the diamond-shaped glass and pink liquid all look phenomenal together.

Overall the look, feel, and overall scent of the perfume is unlike any other, surely one of the perfect Gucci perfumes for her out there.

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Gucci Envy NOTES  
Top Notes Bergamot
Heart Notes Casablanca Lilly, Orange blossom
Base Notes Sandalwood, amber, and vanilla

13. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia:

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Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia  
Year of Launch 2012
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

The Gardenia from the Gucci flora collection is truly one of a kind. The flora collection was launched under the supervision of the legendary Frida Giannini.

All of the different perfumes in the collection are made to represent different things, in many ways they are trying to portray the different sides of the same woman. hence to do that effectively each piece within the collections completely different from one another. 

When it comes to the gardenia, it does an extraordinary job of capturing the essence of nature and beauty in a bottle. the fruity smell is refreshing and pleasant to smell during any time of the day.

Overall, the gorgeous gardenia is an excellent perfume from Gucci, certainly among the best Gucci Perfumes for her in the market right now.

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Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia NOTES  
Top Notes Pear, Red berries
Heart Notes Gardenia, Frangipani
Base Notes Patchouli

14. Gucci Memoire D’une:

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Gucci Memoire D’une  
Year of Launch 2019
Gender Feminine
House Gucci

The memoir D’nue is a perfume that has tried to capture the essence of memories, more specifically how scents and smells can be directly tied to past events.

In doing so it has done an excellent job, although the different people will have different scents associated what their memories. But Gucci tries to capture the feeling you get when you remember such a memory, and in a way, it has done that perfectly.

The scent is just amazing, the somewhat flowery smell goes well with almost everything. The bottle also looks phenomenal and elegant. overall, the memoir D’nue is an amazing perfume, definitely one of the great Gucci perfumes for her on the market right now.

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Gucci Memoire D’une NOTES  
Top Notes Almond, Chamomile
Heart Notes Musk, Indian Jasmine
Base Notes Sandalwood, Cedar, and Vanilla


From the most elegant perfumes to the most exotic ones, we have shown you the best of the best that Gucci has to offer.

You will hopefully feel satisfied and happy if you choose any one of these perfumes as they are certainly the amazing Gucci perfumes for her and also the best smelling Gucci perfumes that are on the market right now.


Q1) Which Gucci perfume smells the best?

This is strictly a matter of opinion, different people like different types of perfumes. However, the flora series specifically the ones that we featured in this article are good all-rounders. Their scent is good enough to mesmerize almost anyone.

Q2) Which Gucci perfume is most popular?

All of these perfumes were super popular when they came out but if we had to decide on the most popular one than the Gucci bamboo or the Gucci envy will definitely among the most popular ones.

Q3) Does Gucci Guilty last?

The Gucci guilty is one of those perfumes that has the ability to last all day, it is definitely one of the top Gucci perfumes for her out there.


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