Is Legit? A Truthful Verdict is a trusted website since 1995, offering a large variety of branded perfumes with an overall consumer rating of 4.8 stars. It is evident from the rating that most of the website’s customers are satisfied with the services and are also willing to shop again. Moreover, the perfume site is ranked first among the vast world of virtual perfume stores proving its authenticity, variety of products, and excellent customer service.

A large number of customers are curious and ask that where is located and from where ships from. Well, is located in Long Island, New York, USA, and the whole virtual perfume business is executed from there.

Variety of the Products on is considered one of the legit perfume sites because of its rating and number of satisfied and happy customers. The site offers various branded perfumes, including Dolce and Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Burberry, TvesSaintLaurent, BVLGARI, Guerlain, Versace, GIORGIO ARMANI, GIVENCHY, Jimmy Choo, and the list goes on.

The whole perfume range is categorized into both men’s and women’s fragrances providing easy accessibility to the type of product the buyer is looking for. The vast range of perfumes under the same roof at reasonable prices thrill the customers and makes them frequently come for the purchase.

Price Range of the Perfumes

‘Why is so cheap?’ is also one of the very commonly inquired questions regarding the site. Generally talking about all the perfume seller websites over the internet, all of them have a cheaper price range than the original branded perfumes.

The reason behind this evident change of price range is certainly supported by the fact that the perfumes that these websites sell are normally not the original copies of the branded perfumes but are the first copies. They might not have as much quality or essence as the original perfume does, but the fragrance and packaging they possess are almost similar to the original ones. Moreover, they are mild and not so long-lasting, as observed by the users.

Considering the price range of almost similar copies of expensive branded perfumes, people often get confused that they might not get the quality as the site promises them. But the Reddit review on ‘Is legit?’ can satisfy most of the customers clear their confusion regarding ‘Why is so cheap?’

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Competitive Virtual Perfume Sellers

Although is ranked the number one virtual perfume seller, it still has several competitors trying to steal the website’s position by offering similar products and deals. But there is no business without its competitors.

When talking about vs. fragrances, fragrances has given a tough competition to since it is founded. The website sells almost similar products to with a surprisingly similar price range that even confuses the customers that maybe both of them are just two different outlets of the same business.

Although with time, fragrances have gained better distribution of ratings on different products by improving their customer service, shipping, and stronger return policy. Yet their overall rating of 4.5 stars is still way less than that of that is 4.8 stars. It has been providing a tough competition to but still has to work a lot on their business to cross over and be ranked the number one online perfume seller.

Also, it is inquired by people that ‘Is legit?’, it is also a legitimate site observed from its rating of 4.7 stars and is of tough competition to the other virtual perfume sellers. All of these perfume seller sites offer a similar variety of products in a similar price range to compete with each other. And all of them have a lot of positive reviews along with negative reviews too. The only reason they are still differentiated from each other is the gap in the star ratings of the websites. Reddit Positive Reviews

While answering the question that is legit following the Reddit reviews, it can be clearly said that it is a legitimate business website considering the number of positive reviews and satisfied customers of the sellers.

Supporting a high rating, there are a lot of positive reviews seen by the buyers of, saying that the website sells quality products within an affordable range with great shipping services. The reviews also comprise the excellent shipping and packaging of the products and show customers’ satisfaction as a whole. Reddit Negative Reviews

Along with the positive reviews, a couple of negative reviews can also be witnessed through Reddit, claiming that the business is a complete fraud with poor services or no service at all. These negative reviews can be supported by the fact that there are people who have had a bad experience with online shopping before or have trust issues while shopping online, so they are never satisfied with the products they get no matter what.

But if a person ordered from the website and didn’t get any product has the right to claim the unauthenticity and unprofessionalism of the online sellers, and the business is bound to resolve their issues to maintain the rating and customers of the website. Reviews BBB

This website is not officially recognized by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Therefore, the reviews can only be reviewed on Reddit.


After analyzing the facts mentioned above and figures of, it can be said cautiously that is a legitimate website with reliable customer service and quality products. Also, the article tends to clear all the questions, including ‘Where is located?’ and ‘Where do ship from?’ to satisfy the confused people who are planning to buy from the website. As far as the negative reviews of the online sellers are concerned, there is no certain virtual business that might not have any negative reviews to it. People leave reviews according to their issues and expectations regarding the business.


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