Is FragranceX Legit or Fake: A Complete Analysis

If you know your colognes and love the convenience of online stores then you probably know what fragranceX is.

For those of you who don’t know, It is basically an online store that deals with selling branded perfumes at highly discounted prices.

Premium perfumes like Chanel no. V collection can be as much as 80% off. 

Although it sounds like a great offer it does pose a lot of questions and raises a lot of eyebrows.

How are they selling these premium perfumes at a fraction of the cost?

Are the perfumes even original? And is fragranceX legit? These are the types of questions that we’ll be uncovering today In this fragranceX review.

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Is FragranceX legit or fake:

discounted designer fragrance genuine

For our fragranceX review, we did thorough research and we have come to the conclusion that indeed fragranceX sells genuine and authentic perfumes.

So to answer the question “is fragranceX legit” it definitely is. Their claim is true, none of their products are cheap knock offs or anything of this sort. 

How is FragranceX selling perfumes for so cheap?

At this point, the question you must be asking is how exactly are they doing this, how can they make products that are easily sold for hundreds of dollars and sell them on their website for a fraction of the original cost.

Well to answer that question fragranceX does not use one method but actually, they use a number of different methods to get the perfumes they need for a much lower cost.

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Method 1: Geographical discounts:

fragrancex original or fake

Some companies offer products cheaper in one country than in the other. They set the price according to the local income of that particular geographical region.

This increases their sales as the product they are trying to sell becomes more affordable and also more competitive.

This is a common method that most International brands use for their products. This is also not only limited to physical objects but even virtual ones, for example, steam the most popular marketplace for games sells them cheaper in certain areas

So buying a product in a developed country in comparison to buying it in an underdeveloped country can have a major impact on the price but not necessarily on the quality.

There are legal restrictions that forbid a user from buying a product cheaper in a geographical region, but since fragranceX works worldwide then technically they don’t have the same limitations as they don’t operate in a single country. So in other words, fragranceX is legit.

So this was one of the methods that fragranceX uses to get their cheap genuine perfumes and to make their colones super affordable. You can find out more about geographical pricing strategies here.

Method 2: Old stock:

is fragrancex authentic

Retailers of luxury perfumes have to keep up with the times and the brand identity of the products they’re trying to sell. 

What this means is that once a year they will have to replace their older stock with the newer models. Most luxury perfume manufacturers tend to change their perfume style after a year or so and hence the retailers have to stock up on those perfumes too. 

When it comes to the customer, they will also want to buy the newer models of the perfumes, even if it’s only a change in packaging.

Hence, this decreases the value of the old stock. They are still very much usable as perfumes generally have a long expiration date.

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FragranceX uses this opportunity to buy the old stock for cheap.

This paired with the geographical discounts that we mentioned earlier leads to an immense reduction in the price of the product. This is how fragranceX can give you original perfumes for either men or women.

Also if you’ve previously ordered a cologne from fragranceX, this is the reason that it sometimes is in a different language or is a little bit older. So in short, is fragranceX original or fake? They are definitely original, they are just clever in their work.

As a consumer, this is a golden opportunity to get the luxury perfume of your dreams for super cheap, and you don’t need to sacrifice a lot, just some older packaging.

Features of FragranceX:

is fragramce fx real

So now you know whether fragranceX is original or fake, let’s discuss some of the features that it has to offer.

Over the years fragranceX has evolved its feature set and is now offering top of the line features for its loyal customers.

Aside from the obvious cheap genuine perfumes, fragranceX has a lot to offer like the ability to make payments 90 days after the purchase and even in installments.

It also offers its customers worldwide free shipping over orders of $35. The money-back-guarantee makes the purchase decision that much easier.

They have also recently introduced a new gift packing initiative in which you can gift any amount to any person who you want to.

To do this first choose the person who you want to gift to, type the message you want to send with the gift and also select the amount you want to gift. FragranceX will automatically prepare the email and send it to the desired person.

FragranceX testers:

fragrancex testers

Although this is now a somewhat discontinued product FragranceX did use to previously offer testers. These could be purchased for your own use, due to their small size they were much cheaper than the original perfumes.

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In conclusion, to answer the question is fragranceX legit? It is completely legit. They sell only genuine products for a fraction of their original price.

FragranceX can do so by buying the perfume stocks in bulk from retailers that have older perfumes.

They also save a lot by buying from areas where the original price of the perfumes is lower, due to the economic conditions over there.




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