10 Tips And Tricks To How to Make Perfume Last Longer

Would you like to be wrapped in your favorite niche perfume all day long, but do you think it is not persistent enough, and after a couple of hours, you don’t feel it anymore? We have good news for you: the duration of a perfume depends not only on the scent but also on other factors, such as how it is sprayed. If you are looking for a way to how to make the perfume last longer, please follow these ten simple precautions and I am sure that both you and the people who stand next to you will notice a big difference!

1. Which type of perfume lasts the longest? Choose the right perfume

The first trick to how to make the perfume last longer is buying perfumes that lasts long! Since fragrances are composed partly of the scent itself (essential oils and synthetic molecules) and somewhat of alcohol, an excellent way to estimate the persistence of a fragrance is to know its concentration ot the difference between perfume and eau the toilette.

  • Eau de Cologne: low concentration of perfume (less than 5%).
  • Eau de Toilette: medium concentration of perfume (5-10%).
  • Eau de Parfum: the high concentration of perfume (10-20%).
  • Extrait de Parfum: the very high concentration of perfume (above 20%).

The waters of Cologne (which, by the way, are not only for men, as many believe) are fresh and light and are perfect for the summer, but they are not very persistent. If you are looking for perfumes that lasts longer, then, we recommend an Eau de Parfum or even better an Extrait de Parfum, possibly with an amber, woody, musky or spicy base (the citrus and flowery scents are generally less persistent).

2. Do not store the perfume in the bathroom

If you’ve ever read the label of a drink or food, you’ve probably noticed the indication “keep in a cool, dry place away from light sources.” The same goes for perfumes: to keep them at their best. It is essential to keep them in the right place. Many people keep them in the bathroom, which is, however, the area of ​​the house most subject to humidity and temperature changes. Instead, I recommend that you keep them in another room, possibly inside their box, to protect them from light.

3. Hydrate your skin before spraying the perfume

The perfume molecules bind better to hydrated than dry skin. Therefore the best time to spray it is immediately after applying the moisturizing cream or lotion after a shower.

4. Use creams and lotions with the same fragrance

Some perfumes, especially niche or artistic ones, are also available in cream or lotion format. Using these products, in addition to the perfume itself is a great way to wrap yourself up with your favorite fragrance and remain perfumed all day long.

5. Spray the perfume in the right places

It is important to spray it in the warmer and more richly vascularized parts of the body for the perfume to be adequately dispersed in the surrounding air. The best points are the neck (especially on the sides) and the inside of the wrists, but in the case of short dresses, the center of the elbows, and the popliteal cords (the back of the knees) is also perfect.

6. Do not rub the skin after spraying the perfume

Once the perfume is sprayed, do not rub the skin and do not touch the wrists between them. Doing so would break the top note molecules, dissolving them faster than usual.

7. Spray the scent onto the comb

Some people spray the perfume on the hair and the body, however, we recommend avoiding it, as the alcohol present in the scents can dry out the hair. However, if you still want to have scented hair, you can always spray a little perfume on the comb and comb your hair naturally. Your hair will be infused, and you won’t run the risk of drying it!

8. Try spraying it on clothes too

If you want to wrap yourself in an aromatic cloud, you can also spray the perfume on your clothes or, in winter, on your scarf. But be careful to avoid colored and oily scents. Otherwise, you would risk staining the fabrics. Also, remember that a perfume sprayed on cloth may have a different smell from the same perfume sprayed on the skin (see point 5 of this article).

9. Combine the perfume with a fixing perfume

Did you know that there are fixing perfumes, that is, able to enhance other scents? For example, Serra & Fonseca Eau de Moi (which, among other things, is one of the few allergen-free perfumes), Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 and Aether Aetheroxyde are also delicious on their own. Still, when combined with other aromas, they make them more intense and persistent. Seeing is believing!

10. Combine the perfume with a cream or lotion

If you want your body to remain fragrant for a long time, addAdd the perfume to a neutral-scented moisturizing cream or lotion. Apply it generously all over your body after a morning shower, and your favorite fragrance will envelop you until the evening!

It doesn’t matter if you use niche perfumes belonging to the world of artistic perfumery or traditional scents, I hope you found my advice on how to increase the duration of the smell useful! Leave us a comment and share the article on social networks!