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 Wearing a fragrance is very important when you have to leave home every day. 

It’s important to smell nice at all times as it creates a great first impression on everyone you come across. You might be wondering why make such a big deal out of just a perfume? Just spritz it a little and you are all done.

But have you ever wondered why your expensive and great smelling perfume only lasts for an hour or two and not the entire day?

The answer is you are doing it wrong. If you’ve stumbled upon this article, I’ll help you figure out how to apply your perfume correctly so that it can last for hours.

Where to spray perfume on your clothes and when should you?

You can never go wrong with a good perfume but some combinations are better than the others like wearing red lipstick with a chic black jumpsuit or wear blue denim with a quirky white tee.

Different fabrics have different needs just like you cannot wear cotton trousers with a woolen blazer. 

If you are wearing cotton you need to wear something as soft and fresh as the feel of cotton. Subtle, light-hearted citrus and floral smells work best with something as airy as cotton.

Any fragrance that has floral notes like jasmine or vanilla would go best with it. If you are wearing wool or cashmere you definitely need something warm and winter-appropriate.

Perfumes with warm notes like that of saffron will go best with winter apparel. If you are wearing something like linen you need something that is not too strong but not too subtle. It is important to understand the feel of your outfit and propriety of the occasion before selecting a perfume.

 Light aquatic smells go perfect with fabrics like linen. Now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite fabric silk. 

A fabric perfect for all the delicate moments. Whether it is an intricate silk gown or a soft silk cami, it calls for something special.  Something as exotic as silk demands a sensual, sexy perfume. Something that can spice things up a little. Now let’s talk about different styles.

You simply cannot wear the same perfume with a blazer and a sundress. If you are wearing something formal as a suit you need something that has warm tones and is not too bold. If you are going to the office you need to wear something fresh and long-lasting.  

If you are going to brunch wearing a cute sundress you need something light and mesmerizing. If you are going on a date wearing a delicate bodycon dress you definitely need a bold romantic smell to complement your outfit. If it is a casual hangout like going to the mall you need something that makes you feel energetic.

This guide is gonna help you apply all the perfumes with the right outfits. This way of putting on perfumes is useful when you are applying Perfumes for Men.

How to wear perfume? Simple! Spray it on fabrics:

One way to make your fragrance last for hours is to avoid spraying it on your body and applying it on your clothes instead.

The reason behind this is that the fibers of the clothes are capable of holding in the scent for a long time whereas the smell evaporates from the body very fast. Our body smells, sweat, and its natural oils cancel out the fragrance of the perfume. Spraying it on scarves and handkerchiefs will be more effective.

Don’t rub the perfume, spray it

The reason behind advising you to spray the perfume instead of rubbing it on your skin is that our skin gets heated up due to the friction and that changes the formula of the perfume. As a result, the smell of the perfume is completely destroyed.

Get rid of the habit of rubbing it and spray it on your wrists. Let the perfume sink into your skin naturally.

Spray it on your hair/hairbrush:

If you’re wondering where to apply perfume then try this: 

 There are various perfumes in the market which are designed for hair or which do not cause damage to the hair. Grab one of those and spray it on your hair instead of applying it anywhere on your body. Lightly mist your perfume on your hair as your hair moves with the air and this helps in the diffusion of the scent.

Bonus, you can also apply perfume oil like this. You can also do this with the Best Prada Perfumes for Women.

how do you properly wear perfume? Try to Mix it with unscented lotion:

Mixing your favorite perfume with unscented body lotion is a great idea to wear your perfume and make it last for a long time. As oilier skin retains the fragrance, the best idea is to use oil-based body lotion and spritz a few sprays onto the lotion, rub it on your hands and apply it to the body. This will lock the scent in.


Fragrances are mixtures of various raw materials and perfume oils. The level of those raw materials determines how strong the fragrance will be and how long it can last under different circumstances. Not only is it important to know how to wear your perfume correctly but it is also important to choose your perfume based on your needs. This will help in creating a great, ultimate, and long-lasting impression.


Q1: is it bad to wear perfume every day?

Well, not really. Unless you are allergic to a certain kind of perfume. Using perfumes everyday is completely fine

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