Fragrance vs Perfume: What is best? 2022 (Ending The Debate)

 If you are out to get a perfume then the scent of it might not be the only thing you have to look into. 

You see perfumes have many varieties, all of which have differences in their concentrations and are best suited for different purposes.

In this guide, we will show you the real difference between fragrance vs perfume.

So to start off let’s discuss what the word fragrance actually means. Well, the fragrance is defined as the aroma or the pleasant scent that is produced from a substance.

However, perfume manufacturers sometimes tend to label and call their product fragrances. 

Fragrances vs perfume:

Perfumes are the most concentrated of all the fragrances. They have a natural and synthetic oil blend of about 20% to 30%, meaning that they are that much concentrated. A higher concentration means a lot longer lasting aroma, generally, a perfume having a concentration of 30 percent will last more than eight hours or so. 

The perfumes also have a very solid scent and depending on the manufacturers can sometimes be overpowering. But most good manufactures make their products so that they don’t irritate the user as well as the people around them. The best part about perfumes is that although they are long-lasting they generally don’t cost as much as the other fragrances. 

So depending upon the manufactures between perfume vs fragrance, perfumes may be the more economical option.

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Perfume making process:

Well making a perfume actually involves the use of both natural and artificial ingredients. As one can probably tell, the natural ingredients or scents are extracted from flowers and other naturally occurring objects. Whereas, the artificial ingredients are produced synthetically in the lab.

These ingredients are then blended together using ethyl alcohol, this stabilizes them in the mixture. The exact concentrations of the natural and the synthetic oils are determined by a master perfume maker. For a more detailed analysis look here.

Usually, a perfume is 80% alcohol and 20% scented oils, this is the basis on which different types of fragrances are classified.

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Eau de parfum:

Next up on our list of fragrances are the Eu de parfums, in terms of their fragrance concentration they come in second. Since they can be as high as 20% concentration however the average is around the 25 % mark. 

They can last as long as 6 hours but once again they average around 4 hours. Eu de parfums are not super expensive but depending upon the manufacturers they can be. Their scent is more diluted and not as strong as perfumes, that’s one of the differences between other fragrance vs perfumes. 

Eau de toilette:

They are much less concentrated than their perfume counterparts and hence also have a shorter life span. Typically they are composed of about 5% to 10% natural and synthetic oil blends, the other 90% is just water or alcohol.

Due to their low concentration, they are referred to as scented or aromatic waters. They Have a soft scent which usually lasts 2 to 3 hours.

Eau de cologne:


Otherwise known as colognes, they are composed of only 2% to 3% of fragrant oils. For those of you who don’t know fragrant oils are actually quite different from essential oils, you can learn more about them here.

Due to this, they are usually applied in the form of body sprays this is one of the major differences between perfumes and colognes. Their fragrance lasts only about an hour or two after which it slowly fades away. There are many more differences and similarities between perfumes and colognes, we have a separate guide on this so be sure to check it out.

Other fragrances vs perfume:

So now that we have learned about the different types of fragrances and their respective concentrations, it’s time to briefly compare them with perfumes to find out which is better for you in fragrance vs perfume.

Fragrances Perfume
Cheaper comparatively Expensive
Fades away after some time Long lasting
Mixture of light and casual smells Strong Scented and used for formal events


Although the concentration, which is the biggest differentiating factor between fragrances, plays it’s role in determining the value or price of the fragrance at hand. It is still not the only factor that needs to be considered. 

The actual price of the perfume or the fragrance is actually determined by the composition. Natural components are much more expensive than synthetic ones and hence increases the price of the product. To get a premium scent most expensive perfumes and fragrances are made from a mixture of hundreds of different materials. 

So in other words in terms of fragrance vs perfumes, if the general composition of the products is the same then perfumes will surely be more expensive as they are more concentrated than any other fragrance.



When it comes to the lifespan of perfume or fragrance, perfumes take the win as they last for longer periods of time. Once again this is because of their higher concentration, it takes longer for the effect to wear off.

There may be a slight drawback to perfumes and that is that they can sometimes be overpowering. To solve this you have to be careful when applying the perfume and only use as much as you can handle. Even great perfume can become irritating if its scent is too strong. 


Perfumes have slightly stronger scents and hence are most commonly used for formal events. This also depends on the manufactures and also the scent being produced. The user can mix and match two or three scents to achieve the overall fragrance that they desire.

Final verdict:

So to conclude, in fragrance vs perfume the entire difference is based almost entirely on the concentration of the product. Other fragrances are less concentrated than perfumes as perfumes are on top of the concentration hierarchy. 

In perfumes vs fragrances, perfumes are sometimes more expensive and have the ability to last a lot longer. Their scents also change with concentration. Perfumes are more stranger than fragrances and hence need to be applied with caution. As its overpowering scent can be irritating at times.

This was all, hope you now understand the difference between fragrance vs perfume. 


Q1) What is the difference between cologne and body spray?

Cologne is slightly different than your traditional body spray, it is a natural oil-based fragrance that can last much longer than the mass-produced body sprays on the market.

Q2) Perfume versus mist which is better?

Well, it all depends on the use. For a formal event, we would suggest a perfume but for casual days a mist based spray such as a body spray or deodorant will do you just fine.

Q3) Body spray vs deodorant: what’s the difference?

The major difference between body spray vs deodorant is that deodorant is applied directly to the skin. Whereas a body spray is usually applied to the clothes.


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