10 Best Sandalwood Perfume in 2022 [Vanilla Sandalwood & Musk]

 Are you searching for the best sandalwood perfume for your loved one? 

Usually, the extracts of the sandalwood tree are then transformed into essential oil. This oil has many types of aromatherapies. Sandalwood oil or perfumes have got a significant amount of rustic, chypre, and warmth, which stimulates our nerves and makes us relax.

Important things to look for when buying: 

  • The smell: The smell is the primary aspect that everyone focuses on while purchasing a fragrance for themselves. All you have to keep in mind is that the smell of the perfume should have an alluring and entertaining aroma that does not hurt you in any sense. The person applying the perfume must look stable and confident after applying the fragrance.
  • The longevity of perfumes: Sandalwood perfumes are long-lasting perfumes that cover your whole day’s activities without the need to reapply the perfume again and again. Typically perfumes that do not have the sandalwood in their base notes have less longevity. So when you are buying the best sandalwood perfumes for yourself or your loved ones, keep in mind that the perfumes would have substantial longevity to offer.

Best Sandalwood Perfume 2022:

Here are the top Sandalwood Perfumes:

Name of the Perfume Ratings Price
Creed Original Santal for Men 10 [Editors Choice] Check Price
Cool Water By Davidoff For Men 8 Check Price
Prada L’Homme For Men Eau De Toilette Spray 9 Check Price
Sensuous by Estee Lauder 9 Check Price
Le Labo Santal 33 9 Check Price
Viva La Juicy Couture 8.5 Check Price
Flowerbomb by VIKTOR & ROLF 8.5 Check Price
Paris By Yves Saint Laurent For Women 8 Check Price
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne 8 Check Price
MUGLER Angel Eau de Parfum 7.5 Check Price

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1: Creed Original Santal for Men:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It has got a spicy, woody, and balsamic aroma.
  • This perfume is highly aromatic.
  • The family of the perfume is fruity and floral.
  • You can easily recognize the fresh aroma

✅Unisex sandalwood fragrance birch box ❌Strong aroma
✅Spicy and woody elements No other cons were available

2: Davidoff’s Cool Water:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It has got woody, fresh spicy, and marine notes.
  • This perfume is perfect for the Summer season and day time fragrance.
  • It takes you to the cool and sweet sea breeze.
  • Best Sandalwood Perfume.
  • It is refreshing, cool, elegant, and aromatic cologne.

✅Moderate silage ❌Strong aquatic notes
✅Sea breeze fresh feeling
✅A fresh cologne with sandalwood notes

3: Prada L’homme L’eau:

Why we love this:

  • It is a Men’s Cologne that has got citrus, floral, and woody notes.
  • This perfume is perfect for the spring/summer and day time fragrance
  • The perfume offers moderate silage and longevity.
  • This perfume has got an intriguing aroma.
  • It is a perfect aroma for heavy workout men.

✅Fabulous smell fresh ❌Expensive
✅clean fragrance

4: Sensuous by Estee Lauder:

Why we love this perfume:

      • It is honey, floral, woody, and fresh spicy notes perfume.
      • Perfect aroma for the winter, and fall season, along with that a day-night fragrance.
      • The longevity and silage of the perfume are both substantial.
      • This perfume is considered a perfect match for casual wear

✅Soft and pleasant ❌A bit unisex aroma
✅Exotic and charming
✅Sensuous fragrance
✅Sensuous fragrance

5: Le Labo Santal 33:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It is a perfect blend of woody, spicy, and powdery notes perfume.
  • A perfect smoky black woody aroma.
  • The perfect perfume for the summer season and day time fragrance.
  • A unisex perfume with addictive comfort

✅Summer season fragrance ❌Not liked by due to spicy
✅Best Sandalwood Perfume ❌No other cons
✅Versatile scent

6: Viva La Juicy Couture:

Why we love this perfume:

  • It is a famous women’s cologne that has got citrus, floral, woody aroma scent.
  • This is the best perfume for the spring and summer season and a day time fragrance.
  • The perfume belongs to the fruity and floral geology of perfumes.
  • A perfect match for the casual wear occasion such as partying, the night with friends, movies

✅Young sweet and erotic ❌Not long-lasting
✅Delicious aroma ❌No other cons were available
✅Perfect for young women

7: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf:

Why we love this perfume:

  • A perfect sandalwood perfume for women that holds Woody, Floral, and Fruity accords.
  • A perfect match for the spring, fall, and summer season and day-night fragrance.
  • It is a trendy aroma perfume that belongs to the floral geology.
  • A long-lasting aroma with enormous silage makes it a remarkable perfume.

✅Mesmerizing ❌Light fragrance
✅Classic ❌No other cons were available
✅Calm and suffused

8: Paris By Yves Saint Laurent For Women:

Why we love this perfume:

  • This perfume is a floral, powdery, rose, and sandalwood perfume.
  • It is known as sandalwood rose perfume.
  • A feminist perfume that has strong notes of sandalwood.
  • It is a Passionate, Sensual, and Sophisticated perfume.
  • Award-winning perfume for the Yves Saint Laurent

✅Prominent sandalwood presence ❌Not robust
✅A beautiful Scent ❌Bit synthetic
✅A symphonic yellow floral scent

9: Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood:

Why we love this perfume:

  • This perfume has a powdery, aromatic, woody, and spicy aroma.
  • A perfect aroma for the fall and winter season, and day and night time fragrance.
  • Considered to be the old school perfume.
  • A complete gentleman fragrance.

✅Old school scent ❌A bit powdery
✅Nice flowery woody powdery notes ❌Shaving foam like aroma
✅Sweet, dry wood scent

10: MUGLER Angel Eau de Parfum:

Why we love this perfume:

  • This is a fruity, woody, floral perfume.
  • It is a combination of sandalwood violet scent.
  • The composition of the perfume comprises alcohol, aqua, limonene, and geraniol.
  • A sweet balsamic aroma that has warm spicy, woody notes associated with it.
  • This perfume is perfect for the winter season and night time fragrance.

✅Sweet and overpowering ❌Heavy dark aroma
✅A beautiful Scent ❌No other cons were available
✅A symphonic yellow floral scent

Buying Guide:

This buying guide provides you with related information for buying the best sandalwood perfumes for both men and women. This buying guide is prepared in keeping a view of the requirements that you might have in your mind about buying your favorite perfume.


Suppose this is your first time or your 100th to purchase the best fragrance for you. Selecting a perfume that suits your personality and the occasions that you are wearing them must match with the attributes of the perfume. We have collected some of the very most delicate perfumes for you with sandalwood that can provide you with peace of mind, along with the appreciation and affections at the same time due to the aroma that you are wearing.


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