What does Patchouli Smell like? Scent Notes Explained

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Patchouli is an essential oil that is popular because of its distinctive fragrance. Pure patchouli oil is used in perfumes for fragrance. It belongs to a flowering plant that is generally termed as mint. It creates an oil that has a spicy, sweet, and musky smell which is used as an ingredient in perfumes. This flowering plant grows in a bush up to 3 feet high. The leaves of this plant are large and fragrant with irregular edges just like the shape of teeth. Patchouli oil is an ingredient of many perfumes and moisturizers. 

Smell of Patchouli Explained

Patchouli has a dark and musky aroma fragrance just like wet soil. The fragrance of this plant is long-lasting, you can smell it even after a wash. Patchouli oil mixes very well with other essential oils such as vetiver, bergamot, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and citrus oil too. Different perfume merchants combine patchouli with other oils to make an intense scent.

Patchouli Fragrance Oils

The fragrance of this essential oil is very strong and sweet too. This fragrant oil is produced from the leaves of its plant. It is often used as a base scent in perfumes and candles because of its strong fragrance.

You might be asking yourself about the fragrance of this flowering plant? Although, it is from the mint family yet it does not smell like a cool and fresh mint. It is a versatile scent and that is why you will find patchouli in various products. Some products include perfumes, detergents, cosmetics, and candles as well. 

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Patchouli in perfumes

Patchouli belongs to the wonderful bushy herb of the mint family. This herb is graced with aromatic leaves and white or pale purple flowers. This herb has been used in perfumes for a very long time. But what does patchouli smell like in perfumes?

The patchouli oil has an intense aroma, a mixture of musk and earthiness that is mildly sweet too. The most common use of patchouli oil is in perfumes. When the leaves are harvested, the oil is extracted from them through fermentation or steam. 

Patchouli and ylang ylang

Both patchouli and ylang-ylang belong to flowering plants. Both the Patchouli essential fragrant and ylang-ylang fragrant oils are extracted from the leaves of their plants. What does ylang-ylang smell like? This oil has a beautiful fragrant with a sweet, heavy, and fruity scent. Ylang-ylang fragrant oil is also used in various popular perfumes these days. Ylang-ylang also acquires stress releasing and anti-anxiety properties. With a beautiful fragrance and mood-elevating attributes, this oil is mixed with patchouli to make a wonderful and relaxing perfume. The mixture of these essential oils when mixed creates a long-lasting perfume for both men and women. 

Bergamot and patchouli 

When you talk about citrus plants then, Bergamot is the most delicate of them. This plant requires special soil and climate to thrive. What does Bergamot smell like? It has a spicy and citrus fragrance with a light floral note.

This amazing oil is used by individuals for many years as a remedy for skin too. It is also known for reducing feelings of stress. This fragrant essential oil is unique as compared to different citrus oils. It can provide a calm feeling while you are under stress.

Bergamot and patchouli is an aromatic and floral, oil-infused potent essence with notes of patchouli and amber too. What does patchouli amber smell like? Amber is a blend of ingredients. It consists of natural and synthetic ingredients like patchouli and vanilla that give a warm and sweet fragrance. 

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Patchouli & Sandalwood

Sandalwood and patchouli is an exotic blend of two essential oils. Sandalwood is a wood having unique characteristics. This essential oil is normally paired with woody fragrances like rosewood, patchouli, vanilla, and vetiver. What does sandalwood smell like? It has an exotic, sweet, smooth, creamy, and warm smell.

This precious wood has an easily recognizable smell. Sandalwood is a key ingredient in floral-amber fragrance families. It is combined with white florals like ylang-ylang, jasmine, gardenia, and some others as well.

Sandalwood has become essential in many men’s and women’s fragrances. The reason is that it works as an amazing base for many different scents. For example, the blend of sandalwood and patchouli is a touch of earthy vetiver having an exotic fragrance. 

Vetiver and patchouli 

The mixture of vetiver and patchouli is a tribute to sophistication. When these essential oils are blended, they make an amazing perfume that has a beautiful fragrance. The sweetness of pink pepper and the magnetic warmth of patchouli leaves, make this fragrance a feast to enjoy. What does vetiver smell like? It has woody, earthy, dry, and smoky fragrance.  Uncut grass on a warm day can give you the fragrance of vetiver. 

The smell of this plant is high-intense and that is why Vetiver is used in scented products that are created for men. To get the fragrance of vetiver, the age of this grass must be 2 years when it is harvested to extract the fragrant essential oil. When this plant is soaked in water, the essential oil comes at the top. Tropical regions are the areas for vetiver’s cultivation. The profile of this fragrant essential oil is quite complex. This is the reason that vetiver essential oil has no synthetic version.  

Patchouli smell perfume

What does patchouli smell like? Reddit tells that people are loving perfumes that have patchouli as their ingredient. Patchouli is a dream perfume for many of the people who are sharing their views on Reddit. Whereas, some rate it to be an ordinary one.

It is all about your taste and nature. Some say that if you want to be unique then, patchouli fragrance is the right choice while hanging out. There are patchouli lovers who say that all of their perfume collection only contains those that have patchouli essential oil. 


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