Scentbird Review 2022 [Pros & Cons]

People with high esthetic sense are well aware of Scentbird.

Scentbird is a monthly subscription page that allows the users to choose the designer perfume for their choice by spending less amount of money.

The scentbird reviews demonstrate the service as the most reliable and comprehensive platform to provide the latest and trendy scents with excellent fragrances.

What is Scentbird?

Scentbird is a perfume subscription site with a variety of branded scents in one place. Now, you are very near to the answer.

Well, I have the monthly subscription and I’m revealing the fact that how unique and fantastic Scentbird perfume is.

The Scentbird has the minimum size of the fragrance bottle and instead of spending a lot of money to get the big bottle, you can buy the same scent in a reasonable amount by purchasing the small bottle.

You won’t get bored of the same scent and it will take a month to finish the scent. Moreover, you can save your money and preserve your aesthetic sense by having multiple scents within a reasonable amount.

How do Scentbird works?

The scentbird reviews scared me until I got my subscription.

The monthly alerts and timely services have shown me what is actually a scentbird and how does scentbird works for providing the best scents from all over the world.

Simply, you have to follow some easy steps to know about the services and the latest trends in scentbird perfumes.

Let’s have a look.

Subscribe to the page

You have to subscribe to the page for your monthly alerts. The subscription is free of charges and you can spend only 14.9 $ on getting the 8ml of your selected perfume bottle. This amount is enough for 30 days of use and at the beginning of next month, you are all set to get the new one. What an amazing and incredible way to get your favorite perfume with reasonable packages.

Choose the brand of your choice

The Scentbird has more than 450 varieties of perfumes from different brands. It makes it confusing to pick the scent that could be facilitative for you.

The brands offer their best scents on scentbird and you can select the one that could suit your taste and personality.

Is Scentbird legit?

Being a scentbird user I strongly admire the service and the authenticity of the scents. They sell original perfumes that last for long to serve with the best.

The quality of colognes is never compromised and I have a huge collection of Scentbird perfumes which I have been collecting for the last few years.

I never found any imitation and fake scents ever.

My money is secured and my passion is being cherished with excellent scents from multiple brands.

I didn’t know about this impressive platform until I read the scentbird reviews and joined the page to get the detail.

What are the subscription packages?

The Scentbird subscription is very easy and doesn’t involve any complications to divert your mind. You can simply browse for the Scentbird site and press the get started button for further procedure.

You can get the complete subscription form and the packages. For your convenience, I’m providing you the detail about the packages and you can choose the one that could be best for you.

  • A package of one month is available for $ 14. 95
  • A package of three months is available with a $1.50 discount for $43.50
  • You can get a $6 discount on getting the 6-month package for $84
  • Its yearly plan is exceptional and once you have subscribed for that you can live a worry-free life. It is for $162 with a $17 discount

So, I have provided you all packages in detail. Now, you can choose the one with multiple benefits. Currently, I’m using the monthly subscription plan and it’s very helpful for me to get the best Scentbird colognes for my unique and savory collection.

What are the advantages of a Scentbird subscription?

By going through the Scentbird reviews I have concluded that its subscription has a lot more benefits rather than providing a variety of branded perfumes. You can get this service without any charges. The shipping is free excluding taxes.

Moreover, you can be aware of the best seller perfumes if you are confused about choosing the scent for you.

You can get the quality and compatibility at the same time and perfumes are highly recommended for the buyers to get the beautiful packing and traveling case.

The best part about the scentbird is its innovation in skincare and makeup line. Now, besides the perfumes, you can get a hand on experience for buying the other beauty products.

What are the disadvantages of a scentbird subscription?

If we talk about the drawbacks then it’s nothing to deal with the quality and service options of the company. It’s a small-scale business and sometimes shipping may get delay and you have to wait for your delivery. But, it doesn’t happen in most cases.

The company has no exchange and refund policy. So, it must be annoying for some users.

After reading about these flaws some people might be thinking about how to cancel the scentbird subscription?

That is very simple, you can simply email the admin or customer service to cancel your package and subscription.

There is no direct line to cancel the services and it’s quite comfortable for the users to get a response within a few hours.

Is a Scentbird worth it?

When I watched the reviews from different blogs and articles about this site then, I came to know, some people have a misconception about the scnetbird services.

I know scentbird reviews are authentic but some people really have a good experience with this service.

The delayed shipping may lead to making the mind that is sentbird worth it?

But, it’s not the end of anything. If you see the packages and comprehensive detail about the branded perfumes then you will appreciate the scentbird for its efforts.

The scent bird is delivering excellent and amazing scents from all the brands and you can buy any of them without worrying about money.

The little amount of scent is enough for your lifetime experience.

I’m sure you can collect the varieties of perfumes and your collection will fascinate the people around you. So, buy the perfumes with a scentbird to spread scented happiness all around.

What are the Best Scentbird perfumes?

The scentbird perfume list is widely spread by assembling a lot of brands on a single platform. The scents are very precise in size to facilitate the users.

You can’t get bored with any one of them because you can get your monthly delivery on time.

  • Bright Crystal by Versace
  • Black Orchid by Tom Ford
  • Florence by Tocca
  • Oxford bleu pour femme by English Laundry
  • Light Blue by Dolce &Gabbana

The scentbird has an amazing and unique range of perfumes to satisfy the aesthetic sense.

The varieties are available according to the brand name and you can easily search for your favorite scent by clicking the name of the brand.

The site has made the buying option quite easy and you can queue your scent for the nest delivery.

What are the Best Scentbird colognes?

Teenagers mostly like niche perfumes and they always search for the latest and most selling options.

So, here I would like to mention some top-selling niche colognes presented by scentbird.

  • Raymond Matts by MaiadayEue De perfume
  • Montale by Roses musk Eue De perfume
  • Nateeva by Jamaica Eue De Perfume
  • Nest Fragrances by Midnight Fleur Eue De perfume
  • Room 1015 by Paloma Cult Eue De perfume
  • ComptoirSudPacifique by Vanille coco Eue De perfume
  • Juliet has a gun by Miss charming Eue De perfumes

The list goes on because there are more than 450 perfumes and colognes that you can find on scentbird. The scents are original and authentic with excellent odor and aroma.

Does scentbird is famous all over the world?

If you go through the scentbird reviews then you may know that the site is a small scale business and offers its services to limited countries.

You can get the detail about its services by subscribing to the page. However, the list and collection are amazing from branded companies.

You can get quality and honesty at the same time. There is no imitation and the products are original from the relevant brands.

Some people think that it’s a waste of money to get the perfumes monthly and the little amount is not worth the money you spend on buying them.

But, this misconception is wrong and I myself is a user of this site and I would appreciate its effort and struggle in making their place globally in such a short period.

The best perfumes are available at a reasonable amount to satisfy the passion and obsession of the scents.

How can I choose my fragrance from a scentbird?

It’s very simple and effortless to choose the next fragrance for your collection. The site will offer you a scentbird quiz and you have to choose the one according to your need from the 5 options.

That will be your next delivered scent if you have a monthly or yearly subscription. I must say this is the most impressive and unique way to know your demand.

Moreover, it’s the wise decision of the company to present the available stock in a quick pattern.

Thus you can choose the right one for you. The small-scale business with a big mind always makes the place and it is proven by the popularity of this site. The quiz has four steps and you have to choose the best option in each step.

Can I get the free trial?

When approaching the scentbird most people think about the free trial from this site.

But, being a subscriber I didn’t find any free trial option on the site. However, I have watched many scentbird reviews to mislead the people about the free trial option. Instead of a free trial, you can get the normal purchase without subscribing to the site.

The normal purchase can charge you more for the bottle size of 0.27 oz. hence, the delivery time is 4 to 5 working days and the shipping is free.

If you are not scent obsessive then, you can go for this option. Otherwise, the subscription packages are there to help you in fulfilling your passion.

Does the other scentbird products are reliable?

I must say yes. Because the products on the site of scentbirds are reliable and come from the original brands.

You can go for makeup, skincare products, and candles along with perfumes. The niche perfumes are excellent for young boys and girls to experience soft and fresh fragrance

. Whenever you spray the perfume you will be getting the fresh and energetic aroma covering you all over.

Moreover, you can buy other products instead of perfumes. Again the choice is yours which product do you want for yourself?

The scentbird may be an incredible site for women because all girlish stuff is dominant and females can find all the beauty treatments in one single place.


Do you get the same scent every month?

No, there is a proper way to choose the scent with a monthly or yearly subscription package.

If you are not a subscriber then you can simply choose the perfume according to your desire. If you are a subscriber then you will be having the questionnaire before selecting the scent.

The quiz is simple and a list of available options will be in front of you and you can choose the one that you need for your monthly delivery.

Only branded scents are available on scentbird?

The scentbird being a small scale site has local and branded perfume’s option available. The scents from the different niche are also reliable and excellent in aroma and odor.

You can choose the option that could suits you well. However, the teenager likes to buy soft and attractive perfumes and I would recommend the niche scents for them.

The branded perfumes have a heavenly smell with a strong and long lasting aroma. You can’t finish the scent in one month and it will be best to collect the perfumes on your shelf.

Do all the perfumes have the same size?

The scentbird perfumes have a standard size of 8ml with 0.27 oz to facilitate the users with original and branded scents at their doorstep.

Nothing is more easy and convenient than shopping from the scentbird. Being a subscriber

I have a huge collection of perfumes that I could only think to buy ever. The scentbird has made my dream true and I’m having my branded and original collection with a cute and smart traveling case.

Does subscription is free of cost?

Yes, the subscription and shipping are free of cost. The only charges you are going to pay are your monthly and yearly subscription.

The tax is also included in shopping. So, the site is well-established with its rule and regulations to provide the best services. You can leave your order and within 4 to 5 working days, your order will be delivered to your address.

There are no service charges and you can get unlimited benefits if you have a subscription.

Does customer support is reliable?

The scentbird has excellent customer support service. You can email your query and within a few hours, the team will reply to you in the best possible way.

Well, they don’t have any direct approach. You can email them via the link placed at the site and your problem or concern will be solved immediately.

The team is very helpful and its customer support is open for 24-hours to serve you with the best.


The scentbird is a very facilitative and reliable platform in providing the best perfumes from all over the world. If you are a scent obsessed person then, the site is definitely a good approach for you.

The varieties of branded and local perfumes are effortless to find by spending less amount of money. The scentbird reviews are very helpful in making your mind to subscribe to the site.

Many branded perfumes are available at a single click and by subscribing to the site you can get the monthly alert about your favorite scent.

However, some people had not a good experience with scent bird and the Scentbird reviews compelled me to join the company’s page.

After subscribing to the page I came across its ultimate benefits for the users. This article is all about Scentbird and its importance for the perfume obsessed people. So, stay tuned for the surprise

Thus, you can also get other beauty products like makeup, skincare, and candles along with scents. Let’s subscribe to the site to get the multiple scent options for spreading happiness and fragrance all around. Stay blessed!


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